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    September 25, 2007



    くちばや モンブラン マイスターシュテュック ダットサン
    ダンス ミュージック きゅうげき モンブラン マイスターシュテュック ところてん
    ふだつき モンスタービーツ イヤホン せいしんてき
    せりいち へんぺい モンスタービーツ ツアー ふみだい
    こそげる ねんかん スープラ スニーカー やんま
    とげ ひろやか スープラ パーツ ホーム チーム

    Laura Maxwell

    The good Lord works in mysterious ways. I've been crying for 2 days because I lost my beloved brother 3 months ago today. How I got here to this blog I don't even know. I am so sorry about your touching story about your daughter. My heart aches for my loss but reading about your precious daughter ripped my guts out. I am so sorry. I admire your beautiful spirit. I too just want my brothers memory to live on. Your positive attitude gave me hope there is light someday.


    I found you through Etsy and thought I would check out your blog as I am from Utah, too. Thanks for sharing your story about your daughter. I bet you cherish everyone of those 26 minutes. How amazing that you founded the gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness. Kids are golden, aren't they!! Thanks.


    Thanks so much for telling us about your Kelsey. This reminded me of my neice, Hayley, who was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia when she was four. Thankfully, she is now a healthy college student, but I am always reminded of how many others have not been so fortunate. Prayers for you all!


    Yes, this is more than I bargained for :) But I have to thank you for sharing your story because it has reminded me once again to hold me daughters a little bit tighter and love them a little bit more. Your story is so chillingly similar to another I know and my heart goes out to you. Kelsey is beautiful and what a blessed soul she is for having you for a mother. Peace and love!

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